Coffee is the world's most popular beverage after water, with over 400 billion cups consumed annually. The coffee beans come from an evergreen  plant grown in  narrow subtropical belt around the world

Acidity, Aroma, Body and Flavour are the four important characteristics and it is the balance and homogenization of the these senses that create overall perception of the coffee. These characteristics are rich in the coffee grown on the hills of Bababudangiri, Coorg and Chickmagalore area of Karnataka in South India. These regions are located on optimum altitude of 4000ft to 6000ft above the sea level providing health and ideal conditions to produce coffee with a difference.

  • Commitment : We procure our coffee beans from these ideal locations. We roast and grind the coffee using State of the art equipments, wwhich helps in blending the quintessential flavour and aroma giving it a truly enjoyable aroma taste. Years of experience in sourcing and blending different varieties of coffee has given the firm its identity.
  • Customer Relationship: Selling goods to a consumer is not the end of our transaction, it is just the beginning that's because at Bhavani Coffee Works, we believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our customers.


Rich filter Koffee

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Strong filter coffee with rich aroma and body.

Grinding size   Coarse in size
Preparation   Ideal to use in Indian drip filters, Mocca pot and Coffee makers .
Pack size   500g.
Blend   Coffee 60% chicory 40%.

Ebony Koffee

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Rich in aroma and long lasting taste. This rich aromatic blend introduces a fine taste, simply you can't stop with just one cup.

Grinding size   Medium coarse
Preparation   Ideal for use in Indian drip filters, Mocca Pot and French press .
Pack size   Available in 200g standing pouch, 100g and 50g.

  Coffee 60%; Chicory 40%.
We also customise blends as per customer requirements and taste.

Nuggets Koffee

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Gives an impressive and smooth feel to your taste buds and refreshes your energies.

Grinding size   Fine powder.

  suitable for Normal boiling method and Indian filter
[ takes long time to drip with very strong decoction] .
Pack size   50g, 100g and 250g.

  Coffee 65% Chicory 35%.
We also customise blends as per customer requirements and taste.

Gold Beans Koffee

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Coffee with stronger note for those who enjoy real cup of strong coffee.

Grinding size   Fine powder.
  Ideal for Normal boiling method .
Pack size   50g, 100g and 200g.
Blend   Coffee 53% chicory 47%.

Rich Brew koffee

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Strong hotel blend coffee.

Grinding size   Coarse powder.
Preparation   Ideal for Indian drip filters and coffee makers .
Pack size   250g & 500g.

  Coffee 55% : Chicory 45%.
We also customise blends as per customer requirements and taste.



Pure Arabica coffee powder

Grinding size   Coarse powder.
Preparation   Ideal for Indian drip filters, Mocca pot, French press and electronic coffee makers .
Pack size   200 gms
  Pure Arabica Coffee


We also sell roasted coffee seeds.

Pure Coffee powder is also available.

We even do private labelling.


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Instant Coffee

The instant coffee we offer does not have artificial color, artificial flavor or chemical preservatives. It is made using meticulously selected coffee beans to obtain the most natural coffee flavor. It is available in natural flavors in regular and premium variants with low sugar and diet sugar options. We provide diverse choice to our customers in terms of flavor and taste.

The instant coffee we offer is rich in flavor, color and has a long lasting taste.

Grinding size   Spray dried fine powder.
Preparation   boil the milk and add half spoon of coffee powder and sugar as per taste
Pack size   Re.1, Rs.5, 50g, 200g and 500g.
Blend   Coffee 60% Chicory 40%.

We deal with all varieties of instant coffee

  • Spray Dried instant Coffee
  • Agglomerated instant Coffee
  • De-Caffeinated instant coffee
  • Freeze Dried instant Coffee
  • Customized Blend
  • Agglomerated instant Coffee chicory blend
  • Spray Dried instant Coffee Chicory blend
Spray Dried Instant Coffee
In order to fulfill the diversified requirements of clients, we have Spray Dried Instant Coffee (100% Pure) in pocket friendly rates. Our products have well defined packaging that retains its aroma and freshness. These are available in different grades and dimensions. These are made in compliance to the international standards under the supervision of expert quality analyst.

De Caffeinated Instant Coffee
We are one of the prominent organizations engaged in exporting pure Decaffeinated Instant Coffee (100% Pure) processed using natural coffee beans with no artificial color, flavor or chemical preservatives.
Our coffee offered is also known for its low sugar content and diet sugar options. Owing to its rich taste and aroma, this coffee is widely in demand by our customers.

Freeze Dried Instant Coffee
We are engaged in offering superior quality freeze dried instant coffee (100% pure). Free from any chemicals and preservatives, our offered coffee is processed using supreme quality beans that are procured from reliable vendors.
Moreover, the coffee offered by us is packed using qualitative packaging material so as to maintain its freshness for a long period of time and is not harmful for health.